Supersonic Broadband understand that the perfect internet connection is not only about high speed. It is the perfect combination of incredible speed and incredible FUP, which together deliver an Incredible Internet experience. That’s why we offer you the fastest, most consistent and unparalleled Internet experience, through the immensely scalable and future proof technology of fiber optics. It’s not just the speed we provide: our FUP policies are truly fair, we provide equal upload and download speeds, and we don’t count uploads in your FUP limit. We believe all of these benefits are essential to make your online experience a complete one.

1000+ Active Users

400+ Bookings

80+ Staff Members

What we do



We Keep Your Internet Up and Running

We at Supersonic Broadband Monitor our server 24/7 with our high-end systems & we keep running the flow of your surfing streak! Our staff works 14 hours a day & keep the momentum of the UPTIME Running.



Surfing Internet Made Easy Now!

Surfing Internet with Supersonic broadband gives you the best experience with Download & Upload Speed. We believe all of these benefits are essential to make your online experience a complete one.

Why Choose Us?

Reliability, Speed and Security
Responsive Bandwidth
Easy Setup
Free Web Tools & Speedtest
24/7 Award Winning Support
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Unlimited Download & Upload

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